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Wed Aug 2 13:12:45 MDT 1995

On Aug. 2 Louis Proyect to Richard Greeman:

There is more than a hint of scorn in addressing you as "professor". I am
50 year old man who has been organizing demonstrations and other forms of
solidarity on behalf of "capitalist" Cuba and Vietnam for the better part
29 years while people like you and the slimy Max Schachtman were saying
"a plague on both your houses". Standing on the sidelines while nations
such as these were facing bombs and blockade from the government you
pay taxes to earns my total contempt.

Richard Greeman replies:
	This is my second day out in this discussion group and from reading
the instructions I didn't expect to receive an ad hominem attack for
holding a different theory than another discussant.
	My argument would be good (or faulty) even if I had stood on the
sidelines. In fact I didn't.
	I happen to be older than you, Louis, and I've also organized a few
demos, including one at the CIA to protest the Bay of Pigs attack before
it happened. I founded the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in Connecticut
and organized the first student trip to Cuba in 1961. Much more recently
(1984) I was on the border of Nicaragua and Honduras planting trees and
listening to the chatter of machine-guns as a Witness for Peace getting
in the way of the Contras, for what it's worth. And yes, I considered it
my right (and revolutionary duty) to criticise the opportunism of some of
the Sandisistas, just as I criticised Castro when he starting jailing
trade-unionists and lording it over labor.
	I really think it's very unproductive to attack a person with scorn
and contempt for his background or profession or whatever instead of
demolishing his argument with a better one. But please, if you must
descend to personal attacks, attack somebody you know something about.
	So for your information I enclose is my CV for you to shoot at, but
I really wish you wouldn't as I find this kind of low-level tit-for-tate
a degrading waste of time unworthy of socialists. (I tried to post it
earlier as an "Introduction" but I'm very inept at computers and I think
it got lost.)

Hello Marxism!
I'm new here and it sure is exciting (and a bit confusing) to join your
discussion. Brief introduction: I've been an active socialist since the
1950's. Started in the ISL just as it joined the YPSL. Went to France as
a student and joined "Socialism ou Barbarie." Also hung around the PSU
(created out of old UGS). Anti-Algerian war stuff. Returned to U.S. and
worked with "News & Letters" (Marxist Humanists) for 15 years or so
(still am a sympathiser). Active in anti-Vietnam war, civil rights,
labor, SDS. Participated in 1968 Columbia University revolt. Got jobs as
French teacher.   Was kicked out of Wesleyan for anti-war speech.
Collected unemployment for two years under liberal Nixon. Translated
novels of Victor Serge (Franco Russian writer and revolutionary 1890-
1947). Now I'm working on a Serge biography. Finally got job at
University of Hartford.Active locally with Central America Solidarity
groups, etc. Write occasionally on Serge, Marxism, Russian and
international questions for New Politics, Against the Current,
International Socialism, Z and the local press. Latest project: "Books
for Struggle: Sending Political Dynamite to Russia." Interested in state-
capitalism discussion. Will attempt to post on both if I can make this
machine obey.
	Please write me greeman at since I don't know how
long I can stay subscribed and deal with so much incoming mail (I'm
overdrawn on my VAX account) so will probably go "marxism-digest" soon as
I'm leaving town.

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