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Wed Aug 2 16:26:36 MDT 1995

Han wrote

>> As for me, I support those poeple in yugoslavia who want an Unified
>> socialist Yugoslavia.  Yes those poeple exist.
>> And for those who did not knouw, those poeple wher put into concentration
>> camps by... Tito.  Becolse they where Stalinists.
>> Tito was the last you can call a stalinist, it is pitty he would not ave
>> done such crasy things with Yugoslavia if he would have been a Stalinist.
jerry wrote

>As for me, I'd like to see a "United Socialist Federation of Europe" (and
>the world!).  Unfortunately, that's not going to happen any time soon.
>The idea of a "United Socialist Yugoslavia" is nothing more than a dream
>at this time.  We should recognize that the different nations that
>composed the former Yugoslavia should have the right to
>self-determination and, if they so choose, national independence.


Is this a dream, I thouht Marx pointed out that one day the socialisme
"communism" would be a reality.
When the V.c. started their war against the USA, many poeple probaly touhgt
they were going crasy.  Anny one with common sence could tell you that the
VC would have no chance at all to win this war.  But they did.
So today I dream of United socialist federation of the world.  As many
comrades did befor me, and many comrades do today, i live my life to realise
this dream.

Self determenation
Do you knouw the difference between a Croat a Serbe, a Bosian,...
they all speak the same language, they live all around a place named
We have a big colony of yugoslavian refugees in Belgium.  They are on the
run becolse some crazy maniac desided that from now one they are Bosnian and
they should fight Serbes, or that they are Serbe and they should fight
The idea of self determantion as it is used for Yugoslavia is the result of
the blood an bothem "Bloed en bodem" theorie of nazi's.  We can not use it
the same way as we do this for poeple of third world countrie's figthing for
self determenation against imperialist nations.
I think that selfdetermenation for the Yugoslavian poeple is no more
interventions of the U.N., the NATO,...
They do not need the Germans telling the crats that they have the rihgt to
fihgt for their "self determantion" neither need the Serbes the Rusians to
tell them they should fight for their self determenation, neither need the
Bosians the USA and NATO to tell they are right they have the right to fight
for their selfdetermenation.

There is less difference between a Croate a serbe and a Bosian then there is
between Jo who lives in Dallas and Jim who lives in Seatle, and Jerry who
works in New York.
Therd is far less difference between a Croate a serbe and a Bosian then
there is between a worker and the man who ownes the factory.

han, Belgium

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