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> > The commodity itself is the outermost level, with its foreground and
> > background aspects (under capitalism) being respectively exchange-value
> > and use-value. Capitalism brings the exchange-value of the commodity
> > to the fore because the prime motivation in this social system is the
> > accumulation of capital.
> |        I like the way this is put...  Is this you, or Rosdolsky? A very
> |clearly laid-out and convincing message...
> The above is me, though I believe I'm paraphrasing Marx by saying it;

	Just to be clear:  What I'm admiring is the fore/`aft' setup of
dialectical development here -- how capitalism `draws out' one aspect and
suppresses the other (framing the former...) You know, like the common
technique of the `is it a goblet or is it two people face-to-face?', used
often in discussions of quantum theory...

> |        BTW: Does Sweezy still think this?

> and I'm afraid Sweezy has never thought anything of the sort--that
> is in fact my gripe with him. He has championed the attitude that,
> apart from being a pre-requisite, use-value plays no role in
> Marxian political economy. He treats the distinction between
> labor and labor-power as the pinnacle of Marx's reasoning,
> which was true until 1857 (when Marx first developed the above
> argument), but decidedly false from then on.

	From what I've learned here and elsewhere, I'd have to say I
think he's made a big, fat, theoretical, un-dialectical mistake...

	...but I'll still keep my subscription to Monthly Review...   :>


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