New Visions for Labor

Scott Marshall Scott at
Wed Aug 2 22:49:24 MDT 1995

Boy go away for a day and your mail box gets full.


The Sweeny slate is lightly tipping it's hat towards political independence.
They have some language about building an independnet movement tosupport
labor candiates without specifically rejecting the Dems. I understand there
is a good deal of struggle on this question in the coalition that is

Leo won't like this because it doesn't fit into his preconcieved notions -
but the industrial unions OCAW, USWA, UMWA, IAM and the Autoworkers are muvh
more inclined to ideas like Labor Party Advocates etc. While the SEIU and
AFSCME are leery about 'abandoning' the dems. \

The important point is for me that the struggle is unfolding and the fight
for labor independence will take place in a much better situtation in the
labor movement with the changes that are taking place and will be greatly
helped by a New Vision victory.


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