Class, internet & global system

Scott Marshall Scott at
Thu Aug 3 04:59:30 MDT 1995

>I think the discussion on software and internationalization is
>missing something.  It is not just production which is in the
>process of being moved "offshore", but large parts of programming
>as well.

This has gone beyond programmers. I underdtand that Novell and a few others
have also moved their technical support departments offshore to Maylaysia
and other places. These are the 'help' people who really have to know a lot
(to be any good) about programs, hardware etc. After the first shift in
California they just throw a switch and all calls are rerouted overseas for
the next two shifts.

>The greatest of all the fantasies common among
>petit-bourgeoisified technical workers is the notion that somehow
>we will be moving to an "information economy" in the advanced
>countries while other people somewhere (shoemaker's elves,
>perhaps?) produce all the material commodities. A rude awakening
>is coming, and it won't be long.

Amen - wait til they find out that a lot of thoses elves still live here and
boy are they pissed.

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