Old fogies, young wiseacres.

Matt D. afn02065 at freenet.ufl.edu
Thu Aug 3 07:46:23 MDT 1995

Jon B-M wrote:

>Recently I've been especially suprised at how allegations or assumptions
>about age have become an issue.  I guess some think that anyone with an
>.edu address must be 18.

Since I'm the only person who, as best I remember, recently posted anything
that mentioned age, let me state my position as clearly as possible:

I encourage everyone to be whatever age they are!  Indeed, the broader the
range of experience among those on the list, the more we can all benefit--be
it from the historical recollections of our older comrades informing the
opinions of the younger, or the youthful enthusiasm and optimism of other
comrades (not limited to the young, mind you!) helping to shake some of the
jadedness and cynicism from the bosoms of those of us who have allowed our
fervor to ebb.

>As Louis said to Han, all opinions and positions are up for grabs on this
>list, but I think they should be contested as opinions, not as the
>one-dimensional expression of a projected life and a fantasized personality.

Well, it would be a rather colorless list if we abandoned ad hominem
altogether, don't you think?  FWIW, I was surprised that my brief and honest
ironic reflection on my own earlier mis-characterization of that miserable
misogynist Robert Scheetz seems to have generated more heat (including a
private e-mail by an angry member!) than my original attempt at a description.

Oh, well.  Back to the daily grind of the "bourgeois matriarchy." :)

-- Matt D.

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