New Visions for Labor

Jeffrey Booth booth2 at
Thu Aug 3 08:05:34 MDT 1995

	I'm on the Boston steering comittee of Labor Party Advocates and I
think Scott's post is an important one.  I have one thing I'd like to add
though.  While I think it's true that some of the top leadership of AFSCME
and SEIU are really tied to the democrats, I've found it's not uncommon
for Union leaders to support the Dems. but at the same time be respectful
of and even give support to LPA and the idea of Independent political
action.  A couple quick examples: Trumka, a couple of years ago,
publically supported the idea of a Labor Party.  Also, I know some leaders
in SEIU who have been discussing LPA with Sweeney and he seems somewhat
open to the idea.  Our main sponsor/endorser in the Boston area is a
12,000 member state-wide SEIU local.  Hell, I even had a brief
conversation with McEntee (Pres. of AFSCME) about a Labor Party and he
seemed respectful of the idea and supportive of my attempt to raise it at
a forum controlled by Kirkland and Donahue here in Boston.  So I guess my
point is simply:  we shouldn't be pessemistic about even some of the most
fervent supporters of the Dems. .  In fact, some of them will be the best
fighters for a workers' party-- enraged by the continual atacks of the
supposed friends of Labor.

	Forward to more Labor discussion on the Marxism list!

				In Solidarity,
						Jeff Booth
						AFSCME 3650
p.s.  I agree with your take on Leo Casey.  If you could only see the
red-baiting he engaged in on the Public Labor list.  I would go so far as
to say he is a nascent counter-revolutionary:  i.e. when a real movement
gets going, watch your back when he's around.

On Wed, 2 Aug 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

> Boy go away for a day and your mail box gets full.
> Jerry:
> The Sweeny slate is lightly tipping it's hat towards political independence.
> They have some language about building an independnet movement tosupport
> labor candiates without specifically rejecting the Dems. I understand there
> is a good deal of struggle on this question in the coalition that is
> developing.
> Leo won't like this because it doesn't fit into his preconcieved notions -
> but the industrial unions OCAW, USWA, UMWA, IAM and the Autoworkers are muvh
> more inclined to ideas like Labor Party Advocates etc. While the SEIU and
> AFSCME are leery about 'abandoning' the dems. \
> The important point is for me that the struggle is unfolding and the fight
> for labor independence will take place in a much better situtation in the
> labor movement with the changes that are taking place and will be greatly
> helped by a New Vision victory.
> Scott
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