Bosnia, CPUSA and My Counterrevolutionary Stance

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Thu Aug 3 11:50:13 MDT 1995

Scott and Jeff are correct: my politics have not the slightest bit of
commonality with their vision of revolution. I have no doubt that I would be
among the first to go to prison, or worse, if through some bizarre alignment
of the stars, they had control of state power. Fortunately, I don't lose much
sleep over that rather remote possibility. The real folks holding state power
are considerably more threatening at the moment.

Tim W. is entirely correct about Bosnia, and his sentiments were mine when I
raised the original question about those on the "left", such as CPUSA,
Cockburn, etc., who would find various "rationalizations" for being
"even-handed" as the Serbians pursue a strategy of  aggression against what
was an explicitly multi-ethnic nation and a policy of ethnic cleansing (a
little hygienic metaphor for genocide) against the Bosnian Moslems. It
reminds one of the famous even-handedness of the Nation of Islam's Conrad
Muhammad: "Everyone talks about what Hitler did to the Jews, but what did the
Jews do to Hitler?" The left's helplessness in the face of genocide is one
thing; the utter moral depravity of those on the "left" who side with the
aggressors and the purveyors of genocide. Hide behind the rhetoric of
anti-imperialism from the frontline of Harvard if you wish, but don't think
anyone is fooled by this reenactment of Patrick Buchanan foreign policy.

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