value and exchange value

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Thu Aug 3 16:08:59 MDT 1995

   Steve Keen:

> As for Jerry's comment which concluded:
> |It is for the above reasons that debates over value theory are so
> |important. An understanding of the two-fold nature of the commodity was
> |Marx's starting point regarding his critique of political economy.  Since
> |Marxists can not agree on the starting point or on the method of analysis
> |it is small wonder why we then diverge regarding the analysis of
> |subsequent topics at other levels of abstraction.
> I can only agree!


  Steve agrees with the above. Do others?  If so, do not respond or respond
  by writing to me privately. If not, could you explain why not?

  Although I have no illusions about coming to an agreement on these
  issues, it does seem to me that we could, at least, delineate our
  differences more clearly.

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