Productive/un Labor, Class War, and Academics & Praxis

Robert V. Scheetz ay581 at
Thu Aug 3 19:26:44 MDT 1995

The Marxist discussion of value on its class dialectic level contrasts
producers of wealth with engrossers of wealth.  The practical point of
the use-exchange dialectic is surplus value, wealth.  And the whole point of
Capitalism is to guarantee a political economy where ownership
 of capital entails the right to the wealth produced by the economy.

Class war obliges us to undertake such taxonomies as are
needed to be able to distinguish "US" from "Them"; but, mostly, it can
only be done in the abstract.  You can, for example, see a logical
distinction between  "banker"ing to provide liquidity and credit
to productive plants and markets, and "banker"ing the personal
pile of plutocrats to preserve/augment it.  This clarifies the
distinguishing principle:  those whose labor goes to preserving,
augmenting, or servicing the consumption of the wealth of the
capitalist class are "them"  (Malcolm's "field niggers" and "house niggers"
is IMO a usefull image here).  Thence, we can easily wield gross categories:
the entire gov't except in its bridges & sewers dimension is bourgeois,
the entire military except in its defending the hearth function, the
academy in servicing the rulers demand for inputs for policy making,
weapons making, commodity R&D, and its Parson Weems function
of  (creating false consciousness) transmitting glorified bourgeois tradition and
demonizing (Cold War cant) its antithesis,  the entire lawyering caste, the entire
 political caste, the entire Harvard/Wharton/Stanford  business executive caste...and so on.
... and so great is the parasite burden on the wealth producers.
Exposing/exploding "bourgeois" is no mere mean spirited game but authentic

The praxis for all marxists is class war.  Such academics as professors
Chomsky,  Lasch, Genovese (to name a few that the list has dissed)...
are vastly more subversive than anything I can think of, certainly the CPUSA
and the AFL-CIO.

Obiter dicta: Doesn't anybody internalize anything?  This scholastic penchant
for criticising texts with other authorities and texts is subversive of communication.

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