Academical Marxism ???

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Thu Aug 3 20:13:05 MDT 1995

Han asked the following question to Paul C.:

> Is this a joke ???
Han went on to write:

> We have in our party (PTB/PVDA)a lot of acadmic poeple who went working in
> factory's.
> We try to make a rule.
> Poeple who join the party and come from an academic background (as most of
> us do) go wor for at least one yaer in factory, most of the time this takes
> a liftime.  We send dokters and Ingeneers to third world country's.
> We do all this fo two main reasons.
> 1. Serve the poeple.
> 2. Changing the concepton of the world.  How can a academic get a real vieuw
> of captalism without ever feeling the nature of it as the workers do.  How
> can he get related to the working class without ever being a member of them.
I will ask Han the same question he asked Paul: Is this a joke???

Can you see analogies of the above ideas concerning intellectuals to China
during the Cultural Revolution and Kampuchea under Pol Pot?


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