Bosnia and CPUSA

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Thu Aug 3 22:02:35 MDT 1995

I agreed with some parts of Louis' post and not with others. I think that
the point about social democracy is well taken. People tend to forget as
well that it is also in crisis.

On the other hand, though, I am uneasy with any attempt to have the
distinction between intervention/non-intervention map too neatly onto that
of social-democracy/revolutionary-socialism. At a theoretical level, I can
see no more reason why there should be a single clear-cut revolutionary
position on this matter than on many others, and I think that the very
diversity of positions on this list testifies to a wide range of
interpretations of what constitutes revolutionary practice in contemporary

At a slightly different level, I do not think that defenders of
non-intervention have spoken to two points that are relevant to their
position. First, why the question of intervention should be treated any
differently than struggles for reforms under capitalism (which both Tim and
I have raised)? Second, how the contemporary alignment of forces parallels
that which prevailed prior to WWI so as to justify calling this situation a
case where inter-imperialist rivalry is the key variable?

Howie Chodos

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