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Wed Aug 2 23:49:59 MDT 1995

I am beginning the second term (2nd year, Economics) and I had a really
bad experience called Law & Economics. :< (or wathever is the sign
for feeling sick).
I just couldn't beleive what this Chicago Boy (my professor) was saying.
He is a PhD from Chicago (or Illinois-Urbana Champain/ideology is the
He said things like:
"Oh, nobody wanted to listen to Becker, Coase and Calabresi in the 50's.
You are just like those guys. You will like it".
"Microeconomics is a way of thinking"
I would need some elements to "attack" his theories: alternative bibliography,
comments, suggestions,... everything is welcome.
It will be hard to follow him:
Left-wing of the class (let's say me) and Right-wing didn't like his
The Right guys, horrible typical-south-american-catholic-pseudo-fascist,
didn't like it because they felt he was considering Man like having no
moral rules and beliefs.
I didn't like it because of everything.
But I will have to suffer him for the next four months.
Is there any marxist critic to modern theories of Law&Economics?
Or may be people in the list don't find those theories completely
wrong, who knows?

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