Bosnia, CPUSA and My Counterrevolutionary Stance

Jeffrey Booth booth2 at
Fri Aug 4 08:13:45 MDT 1995

	Is it necessary to start a thread explaining how poorly paid
low-level clerical and technical workers are at universities? (especially
Harvard!).  That's my problem with you Leo.  Your liberal philosophy
sugar-coats the horrors of capitalism and leaves working people
defenseless.  And worse, you're ready to toss us into the meat grinder of
a war.  Have you and Wohlforth founded the Clinton Brigade yet?  When
does your plane land in Bosnia?
	Also, I'm still waiting to collect my money on the Gulf War bet.
C'mon, confirm or deny that you supported it... .  It's relevant to
establish (for anyone that cares) your consistent support of Imperialism.

					-- Jeff Booth

On Fri, 4 Aug 1995 LeoCasey at wrote:

> The reason why I stay on this list is because I enjoy the give-and-take of
> ideas with those who engage in intellectual dialogue and conversation. There
> are many such people on this list -- Howie, Chris B., Gerry, John W, Jon,
> Lisa and more.
> What is definitely not a challenge to my ideas (or to anyone else's ideas) is
> the plethora of ad hominem excuses for argumentation which have come to mark
> the abusive style of those long schooled in the worst of sectarian politics.
> Is it even necessary to point out that Booth has not the faintest idea of my
> income, but he nonetheless chooses to raise this entirely irrelevant red
> herring and ad hominem attack? (God forbid that he actually check out how
> handsomely paid inner city public school teachers are before he flings his
> abuse from the deprived and poverty ridden precincts of Harvard.) Or that he
> knows absolutely nothing concerning my views about the Gulf War? (For the
> record, I was against it.)
> I should know better, follow my own advice and ignore this blather.
> Unfortunately, I care passionately about politics, and have this
> uncontrollable tendency to speak up when utter moral bankruptcy, such as this
> position excusing and denying the genocide taking place in Bosnia at this
> very moment, is proferred as a genuine "left" politics. It is precisely such
> a presentation of "left" wing politics which has contributed so much to the
> rise of the right.
> By the way, a long time ago I decided that there were a lot of things one
> could be a helluva lot worse than liberal --- like an apologist for genocide
> and agression. So wail away.
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