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On Wed, 2 Aug 1995, Guillermo Cruces wrote:

> I am beginning the second term (2nd year, Economics) and I had a really
> bad experience called Law & Economics. :< (or wathever is the sign
> for feeling sick).
> I just couldn't beleive what this Chicago Boy (my professor) was saying.
> He is a PhD from Chicago (or Illinois-Urbana Champain/ideology is the
> same).
> He said things like:
> "Oh, nobody wanted to listen to Becker, Coase and Calabresi in the 50's.
> You are just like those guys. You will like it".
> "Microeconomics is a way of thinking"
> ...
> ---
Bienvenidos Guillermo!

There are others on this list who can, I'm sure give you the bibliography
that you want.  I believe that the social statistics for the countries
which have followed the neoliberal recipes make for devatating critiques
in themselves.  In Chile, for example, while the international finiacial
institutions sing the praises of the market for brining macroeconomic
stability, 42% of the population is living below the poverty line.
Argentina's unemployment figures are now at 50 year highs.

In Chile, the people didn't translate "Chicago Boy" into spanish, they
just used the English term.  That's because it sounds like: "Si cago,
voy."  Loosely translated:  if I fuck up, I'll just leave.

Matt Davies

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