Productive and Unproductive Labor

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Fri Aug 4 12:22:59 MDT 1995

> OK, let's talk about this.  Tanks, unlike automobiles, are sold
> exclusively to the state.  While most tanks are produced by capitalist
> firms who employ wage labor, they produce a product rather than a
> commodity in the sense that this product is not marketed but is purchased
> directly by the state with monies that come from state revenues, as per a
> special arrangement between the state and the firms. For the above
> reasons, I would say that wage labor employed by tank producers is
> unproductive.

	Don't leave out of the equation the production of arms and
equipment as commodities for sale to client regimes around the world.

	I'm assuming that this wouldn't be an option if the R&D and
tooling costs weren't completely subsidized by the above unproductive

	Also: isn't the fact of this _not_ being a bona fide *production
of commodities* the basis of all the 'price'-gouging/pork-barreling (i.e.
$200(?) hammers and $2000(?) toilets)?


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