value and exchange value

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Fri Aug 4 14:41:42 MDT 1995

No harm done re Jerry's comments on my post on Marx and Proudhon. I
agree that in general Marx critiqued Proudhon's politics, too.
However, I was focusing on Chapter 1 of _The Poverty of Philosophy_,
and the focus there was entirely on Proudhon's botched attempt at
combining economics and dialectics. And as I may not have made clear
in my preceding post, the sole influence I ascribe to Proudhon on
Marx was the slim possibility that *maybe* the former's nonsense,
combining in a non-essential puffery exchange-value and use-value,
was rattling around at the back of Marx's brain when he, after
re-reading Hegel's _Logic_, decided to see whether dialectics could
be of stronger service to economics.

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