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kevin john geiger geigerk at
Fri Aug 4 16:19:34 MDT 1995

Hello all,

	I have been engaged with another person on a local newsgroup
about the wages earned by US workers in the last 20-30 years.  I made a
statement which I thought would not be flamed, "That working wages in the
US have been falling the last 20-30 years."  This "gentleman" challenged
me and I have done some research on this.  I recall about 3 months ago
several articles describing this trend but have had a hard time finding
them now.  I have found some good info on the widening gap of income
inequality.  Does anyone have a good source of info that supports my
statement that working wages in the US have been declining the last 20-30
years?  Also, this idiot had the balls to claim that steelworkers, car
workers in the US were overpaid and received "dubious benefits".
Clearly, he needs to be taught some lessons in class structure.



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