War poised to expand

Paul Cockshott wpc at clyder.gn.apc.org
Fri Aug 4 22:51:58 MDT 1995


If, if, there really could have been a broad democratic movement
of solidarity with the people of the former Yugoslavia for peace and
human rights, tonight it would be coordinating pressure on the
Western Governments to press Croatia in turn to give clear
guarantees for respect of Geneva agreements, and the right for
people to continue to live in their own home, regardless of religion,
language or script. To give grudging due to the British government
it appears it may be doing that tonight.

This seems to me a very weak position. It evades the real question
- the right to self determination. Although as Marxists we may
think that secession may be unwise, we have to recognise the
right to secession. If the Serbs in Kraina wish to form an
independent republic they have as much right to do so as the
Croats had to gain independence from Jugoslavia.
To call only for the recognition of the Geneva conventions is
to condone the trampling of this democratic right by the
Ustashi government.

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