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Fri Aug 4 17:37:14 MDT 1995

On Fri, 4 Aug 1995, Paul Cockshott wrote:

> 'En ce qui concerne l'importance des
> Balkans pour l'economie allemand, il
> ne faut pas raisonner a court terme.
> Les Balkans d'abord un chemin vers
> le Moyen-Orient, une voie essentielle
> depuis le chemin de fer Berlin-Bagdad.

	It makes a lot of sense when you consider a world _unlike_ our
present one; say, a world AT WAR...

	Whoever was scoffing at the `Road to Istanbul' theory wasn't
considering why the middle-east was so important to the Germans in BOTH
WWI & WWII -- and probably WWIII...

> En plus, il est vital de garantir
> l'acces aux ressources au cas ou le
> marche mondial s'effondrerait.
> Dominer les matieres premieres permet
> de garantir une economie face a la
> guerre.' Solidaire, no 8, 23 feb 94.
> paper of the PTB.
> If Germany is expecting the world
> market to collapse and to have to
> fight a war with an enemy having
> control of the seas this would
> make sense. Whether this is a
> correct assesment of their calculations
> I can not say.


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