the Nation State

Robert V. Scheetz ay581 at
Fri Aug 4 18:46:04 MDT 1995

Roderick Hay states:
"I don't understand this "right of nations to self-determination". What is
a nation but a bourgeois reification. The workers have no nation."

And, tellingly, no one grasped the core of the question, "bourgeois
reification."  It is typical of this list (especially the mothers)
that they are incapable of conceptualizing but in bourgeois categories.
The "nation state" is a bourgeois thing; mother Burford was asserting
it in this way; and this is precisely the form a US (or EC)
dominated outcome would assume.  A worker's state would engender
a radically different state polity, of course.  So for workers to support a "right of
national self-determination" for Balkan irredentist  ( or Quebecois, or even
Iraquois)  is logically absurd.

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