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I believe we have clarified that the question on intervention or
non-intervention in the former Yugoslavia does not fall along reform vs.

I would point out to Louis Proyect, who remains quite orthodox in a
Trotskyist sense, that Trotsky was strongly for the defense of the China
against Japanese aggression in the course of WWII.  This position was
developed further by James P. Cannon (though opposed by Max Shachtman) who
claimed that the overall imperialist nature of the world conflict subsumed
the Chinese struggle for independence.  The SWP favored, among other things,
concrete military aid from the U.S. and whomever, for the Chinese (both
Koumintang and CP).

Further, the Trots were split during WWII between those who opposed any aid
to anybody on any side of that war, and those who favored military aid to
those, like Tito, who resisted Nazi occupation.

Certainly the Bosnian Government has a right to exist and its Muslim
inhabitants have a right to their own self determination and not to be
forcebly raped and removed from their historic homes.  They have a right to
resist and we have a duty to support and aid them in this resistence.  This
is, in my opinion, a revolutionary viewpoint.

So much for orthodox precedence.  I am more interested in immediate genocide!

The situation has suddenly shifted with the Croatian offensive.  My own
opinion is that this offensive could have been avoided if the U.N. had
intervened earlier to force back Serbian aggression.  Now they are in no
position to  condemn the Croats.  In fact, since clearly the Serbs learn
nothing unless they face military dfefeat from somebody, the Croats may
actually help the Bosnian situation.

It could be that Milosevic and Tudjman have made a deal whereby the former
does nothing about the Krajina while the latter lives with perpetual Serbian
occupation, and possible annexation of Eastern Slavonia.

Of course the Krajinian Serbs have a right to self determination as long as
their self determination does not deny such a right to others: e.g. the
Croats who also have lived in the region.  Decentralization and autonomy
remains the only lasting solution in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia.

The present situation is very complex and cannot really be understood with
analogies from the past.  Otherwise how can we make much sense out of
imperialists going out of their way NOT to intervene!

I suggest that that section of the left which is non-interventionist think
seriously about how their dogmatism from the past effects their alignments in
the present.  I am particularly disturbed by two things: 1) a tendency to
abandon internationalism for isolationism and ending up forming a block with
the likes of Buchanan; 2) a romantic clinging to a pro-Russian orientation
which leads them into a bloc with the Orthodox Church!

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