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<title>Radio Rebelde needs your help</title>

For Immediate Release<br>
March, 1995<p>

Radio Rebelde of the Transitional Government in
Rebellion (in Chiapas, Mexico) is asking the National Commission
for Democracy in Mexico, USA (NCDM-USA), to gather resources
for their mobile radio station. In order to
break the media silence regarding the struggle
for democracy in Mexico and
to support community radio for those challenging
 the repressive forces of
the Mexican federal army and government, the NCDM calls on all
 people of conscience to
donate badly needed radio and recording equipment.
The needs of Radio Rebelde include:<ul>
<li>A mixer of 6 to 8 channels
<li>One double deck cassette player
<li>a reporter's portable tape recorder
<li>cassettes of various music
<li>tape programs relevant in music and content
<li>small digital radio to monitor frequency

People who work in media,
local solidarity committees, church groups,
 and labor organizations are asked
to host fund raisers to both purchase and have
 donated radio transmitters,
video recorders, tape recorders, mixers etc....
 Equipment purchased in the
US may be sent to the NCDM-USA offices
in either Houston or El Paso, Texas.
(We recommend that equipment be purchased
 in the US since prices in Mexico
are often prohibitive.) <p>
For more information
 please contact:<ul>

Main Office:<br>
601 N. Cotton Ste. A-103<br>
El Paso, TX<br>
Ph/Fax: 915 532-8382<br>
e-mail: moonlight at<p>

5711 Harrisburg Blvd.<br>
Houston, TX 77011<br>
Ph: 713 926-2786<br>
Fax: 713 926-2877<br>
e-mail: afscilemp at<br>

For more information on the <strong><cite>Gobierno de Transicion en Rebeldia, Estado de Chiapas</cite></strong>, check out the web page about their allies, the <a href="../ezln/ezln.html">Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional</a>.




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