Value and exchange value

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 > Chris B. wrote:
 > > I generally like Jerry's recent formulations becaus although I cannot judge
 > > whether they summarise Marx's criticisms of his critics, I think
 > > Jerry's emphasis on the qualitative use-value aspect of marxian economics
 > > points the bridge to cultural, social and psychological connections.
 > >
 > The subject of Marx's theory of value can not be condensed meaningfully into
 > a few sentences or definitions. Chris B. shows above that he did not
 > really comprehend the meaning of a previous post of mine on value and
 > exchange value.  Let's try again:

Chris B:

It is good we are arguing over this important question. I did not
mean to distort your presentation when I said you emphasise qualitative
aspects. I was thinking of people who emphasise the quantitative aspects,
and I think you correct that distortion.

I was then saying what I like especially, not trying to sum the issue up
in a few words. What I like about your more balanced account is that
for me it opens the door to discussion of the borderland between human
activities that are part of commodity society and those activities that
are not.

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