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> I just received my first copy of the Marxism-Digest and am very glad to see
> that such a forum exists and has such active participation.
> Why anticipate a primarily academic list?  Why would we want it?  I certainly
> intend to encourage all of my working class comrades to participate in
> this list.  The "academics" have a lot to learn from us and I hope that
> we can learn from them.

Louis Proyect:

Actually, the Marxism list is open to everybody including the
occasional odd duck that wants to defend free-market capitalism.
(These folks are usually sent on their way with a bloody nose.) We're a
very rich gumbo with just about every ingredient you can think of. We

1. A NYU professor who's trying to arrange a shotgun marriage
between Marx and Hayek.

2. A jovial chap from New Zealand whose sole mission in life seems to
be proving the labor theory of value incorrect. He pursues this with a
monomania that would put Captain Ahab to shame.

3. A number of former and current "Marxist-Leninists", both academic
and non-academic, who tend to be interested in the real world and
current events to an astonishing degree. Nearly all of these people,
myself excluded, can be incredibly arrogant and obnoxious. Once you
get past this front, they often have interesting things to say.

4. A number of economics and philosophy professors whose ideas and
writing style makes Hegel read like Russell Baker.

Anyhow, start a discussion on something that interests you and you're
bound to find people more than happy to talk to you.


(OK, now back into the woodshed.)

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