The Right of Nations to Self Determination

Roderick Hay rhay at
Sun Aug 6 17:30:51 MDT 1995

Canada doesn't feel like an oppressed nation. In fact after a little time
in Detroit or Los Angeles it feels like a liberated zone.
	The Canadian government doesn't stray too far from what the U.S.
government wants, but that doesn't affect most of us too much.
	There doesn't seem to be much difference working for a U.S. owned
company or a Canadian owned company, so that is rarely an issue outside
of academic circles.
	The capitalist will use nationalist feelings to make a few extra
bucks, but seem to have for the most part given up on that for now.
(NAFTA looks like their main chance).
	The Bosnian issue is more complicated than simply an matter of
national self-determination. The German and Russian governments (and who
knows who else) are mixed up in this as well. A determined effort by the
International community could end the problem in a short time if the will
to do so existed. Big power politics has never cared for the lives of a
few thousand civilians caught in the middle.
	But does anyone know what the U.S. is up to??

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