Genocide against the Serbs

Bryan A. Alexander bnalexan at
Sun Aug 6 19:29:53 MDT 1995

I just returned from former Yugoslavia this week, which is why I've been
mum.  So instead of finding more anarchist-bashing, I discover the list
aflame with Balkan politics.  Well...
	Croatia is clearly doing more than flirting with fascism.  The
state is reorganizing the language, creating a mythical "Croatian" where
there was no such thing previously.  Militarism was rampant in Split and
Zagreb.  Dissent? ha!  Best of all was the Croatian state's new currency:
the beloved kuna, former cash unit of the Ustashe-

Bryan Alexander
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On Sun, 6 Aug 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> Louis Proyect:
> The Sunday 12 noon NPR news broadcast reported that 120,000 Serbs were
> fleeing the Krajna territory of Croatia into Bosnia, the "largest transfer
> of a population" in the 4 year old war.
> Today's NY Times reports the Serb populated city of Knin was subjected to
> "indiscriminate" bombing, with shells landing on hospitals and
> residential areas. A UN official, Alun Roberts, said that there were
> "quite significant numbers of bodies in the streets" and that many of
> them were women and children.
> Croat military leader Gen. Ivan Tolj said the territory had been "saved"
> by his troops. He declared "The Croatian army has done what we believed
> the world should have done."
> Do Tim Wolforth and Leo Casey concur with the good General?
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