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Sun Aug 6 23:30:44 MDT 1995

On Aug 7, 12:30am, Jon Beasley-Murray wrote:
> Subject: Re: List size and form
> Welcome to the list, Marcus, and thanks for your suggestions.
> Personally, I'm always happy for some kind of feedback, and also I'd be
> willing for there to be a vote of some kind on splitting an "applied"
> marxism list from an "academic" one.
> Again personally, however, I wouldn't be in favor of that idea for a
> number of reasons.  Primarily because I think one of the good things
> about this list is its heterogeneity: there is often discussion of a
> high caliber on what would seem to be "academic" questions as well as the
> same on questions which would appear to be more immediate and "applied."
> Yet these two strains cross-fertilize each other, and those after more
> esoteric theory are often asked to explain not only terminology but also
> practical implications, and others are interrogated on the theoretical
> presuppositions of their arguments.  In the process, this divide itself
> is put under question, and occasionally it's possible to see the extent
> of its artificiality.
I agree with Jon and would like to refute the binary opposition proposed
between applied Marxism and theoretical discussions of Marxism -
whatever happened to the dialectical understanding of the relationship
between theory and praxis - is this not one of the central components
of Marxism itself???
mreover, this is not the only split or divide that this list straddles,
> at simes awkwardly or unsuccessfully, but usually in interesting and, I
> think, productive ways.
> Incidentally, I find it strange that you think that the "(mostly) male
> point scoring and breast-beating" occurs only within the more academic
> discussions.  Such attitudes seem fairly well apportioned among all
> different sectors.
> Whatever, it's true that a large amount of self-restriction takes place,
> such that those less interested in academic affairs may well be deleting
> wholesale those posts on other topics, and vice versa.  If Marcus is
> truly uninterested in what emerges from those of the "academic
> orientation," he can no doubt continue to dump it, and presumably without
> hurting anyone's feelings.  After all, no one can be or is expected to
> read everything that appears on this list.
> On Mon, 7 Aug 1995, Marcus Strom wrote:
> > Could people post their opinions on this and could the moderators put
> > in place a way that we, the subscribers could vote on such a
> > proposal. With on-going debate, I would be prepared to move a more
> > formal proposal on this, maybe with someone else.
> Well, that's my opinion.  But if others also want to consider a new list
> on "academic marxism" or "applied marxism" or some other new means of
> determining discussion parameters, I'm sure we can find a way to decide
> this in a more formal fashion.
> Take care
> Jon
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