List size and form

Chris Burford cburford at
Mon Aug 7 08:11:52 MDT 1995

From: Marcus Strom <MSTROM at>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 09:26:13 GMT+10
Subject: Re: List size and form

Chris Burford, London, in comment:

My guess is that this list is becoming like a good
newspaper. You pick out the items or themes you want and
you must skip the rest.

The list is better when it physically cannot be anyone
person's chat show, but an intelligent self-organising system.

The quality of the postings is what will make it grow in
relevance and influence. Clear language. Good links between
theory and practice. The coexistence of a wide range of
viewpoints so that anyone can post, but if they post rubbish
they will come under pressure not from a flame war, but from
reasoned debate.

Meanwhile technology develops so it may become easier to have
easier reference to contributions, contributors, and track
back through threads. Jon is putting up an array of longer
articles on the archive.

I think the list will go through the 300 subscriber barrier next
term. Lets see how quantitative become qualitative changes.

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