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Chris M. Sciabarra sciabrrc at is2.NYU.EDU
Mon Aug 7 07:02:16 MDT 1995

On Sun, 6 Aug 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:

> My "position" on Bosnia is this: it is an awful tragedy, a terrible
> carnage, but I don't really see what the outside world can do about it. The
> world is full of horrid tragedies about which much less ink has been
> spilled and fewer electrons sent dancing. One example that comes quickly to
> mind is Africa, a continent that is experiencing many many tragedies that
> make the war in Bosnia look like a civil disturbance. What can we do about
> those?
> Doug
I have just been DELUGED with endless email here, and see that so much of
it has been devoted to the tragedy in Bosnia.  I just want to register my
own agreement here, with Doug.  It is a terrible, terrible tragedy, but I
do not believe that US involvement will make it better.  And in the wider
context, I think we need to look at what military intervention would mean
for U.S. society.  NO military intervention occurs abroad without
significant effects on the lives and rights of Americans at home.
Whether it is the institution of a draft or the revving up of the
military-industrial complex, the bottom line is that in trying to
preserve human rights abroad, the government in this country will destroy
them even more at home.  Surely there must be some wider non-violent way
to attempt to change the situation over there.  I certainly wouldn't
attempt to stop people from VOLUNTEERING to do this.
			- Chris
Dr. Chris M. Sciabarra
Visiting Scholar, NYU Department of Politics

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