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Mon Aug 7 08:36:09 MDT 1995

On Mon, 7 Aug 1995, Valerie Scatamburlo wrote:

> <clip>                                           Wuile I cringe at the
> thought of generalizing, I suspect that most contributors to this list
> are housed within academe or are in positions which may not be affected
> by the reactionary agenda of the new Right but, if we dare claim to be
> Marxists we must address these agendas and articulate the relevance of
> a Marxian revolutionary theory and praxis.

Louis Proyect:
You are the third new subscriber to the list this week who has expressed
consternation about its "academic" quality. I want to concur with our
esteemed moderator, Jon Gwynteth-Jones Parker-Hextall Beasley-Murray
(yes, that's his full name), that discretionary use of the delete key
would help you to focus on material that's of more interest to you.

When I joined the list at its inception, I made the mistake of yelling at
all of the professors for ignoring the real world and current events. Can
you believe it, they actually got into a spot of bother over my
criticisms. So I took another tack. I started writing about things that
mattered to me, and sooner or later I found kindred spirits. My
suggestion to you would be rather than prevailing on others to initiate a
discussion that would interest you, that you take the initiative and
start such a discussion yourself. I, for one, am intrigued by your
remarks. They remind me of the sagacious thoughts contained in Ellen
Meiksins Wood's "Retreat from Class". Do you two know each other? Thank
goodness for the old fogies in Canada who dare to uphold a class perspective.

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