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Jeffrey Booth booth2 at
Mon Aug 7 09:30:59 MDT 1995

	Casey and Wohlforth, explicitly and implicitly, claim that anyone
against UN/imperialist intervention supports genocide.  And then they wonder
why people get angry at them!
	They ignore the history of imperialist wars and "police actions"
not only in terms of the physical carnage but also in terms of the
fragmenting of attempts at organizing Socialist revolution on an
international scale.  This is why we have NOT gotten beyond the reformism
vs. revolution argument as Wohlforth tried to assert in one of his
recent posts.
	The question of organizing internally to destabalize the
capitalist regimes in Yugoslavia AND Bosnia are not taken seriously by
them.  Maybe they're unaware of socialists organizing (under very
difficult conditions) in those countries. And the question of how to
organize on an internationalist, socialist basis after supporting
UN/imperialist intervention has never been addressed by Casey and
	The fact that working class people will go to their deaths, not
to stop genocide, but to stabalize markets in the New World Order, has
never been addressed by Casey and Wohlforth.
	Ignoring these questions and facts won't make them go away.
You're not "discussing" anything; you're asserting ideas that will at best
increase genocide and at worst begin world war III.  All that Marxist
"baggage" that you both are so glad to be rid of has left you without a
clear method of analysis; especially when things start to heat up.  From
my perspective, the "equivalent"  of a barroom brawl is a small price to
pay to try and stop your ideas from gaining currency among academics and
the odd rest of us on this list.

					-- Jeff Booth

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