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From: dhenwood at (Doug Henwood)
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 1995 22:15:23 -0400
Subject: Re: Right of Knin to self determination

What do we know about who is financing and arming the various combatants
in the Former Yugoslavia?


Chris B:

Best I know as follows:

Yugoslav Federal Army:

80% of its offices were Serb in 1991, and its resources fell
overwhelmingly into Serb hands

Greater Serb Nationalists:

When the Yugoslav Federal Army officially left Bosnia Herzegovina it
handed over its tanks and guns to the Bosnian Serbs, with which they
were able to shell cities indefinitely.


It is said their weaponry came mainly from Eastern Europe.

Short biography in London Guardian of Gojo Susak, Croatian
Defence Minister:

"No one better represents the power of the worldwide Croatian diaspora
in the fight for an independent Croatia than Mr Susak, ardent
nationalist, fierce anti-communist, and former Canadian pizza
A native of the Croatian nationalist heartland, western Herzegovina,
beyond Croatia's borders, Mr Susak is a closet champion of the
Greater Croatia dream.
Returning to Zagreb in the late 80's with his pizza parlour fortune
from Canada, he plugged into the nationalist revival.
His money and contacts were deployed to bankroll the 1990
election victory of Franjo Tudjman's Croatian
Democratic Union Party.
He was rewarded with the defence portfolio and turned his fundraising
skills to building an army. The fruits are now in evidence."

It is also said that Croatia was able to arm itself despite the
embargo, more effectively than Bosnia, because it charged a slice for
allowing the smuggling of arms into Bosnia.


Last week I posted a report from the London Guardian noting the
prevalence of US uniforms among the Bosnian Croats and Muslims, and
giving the belief that the US had tacitly been allowing its most
trusted and sober muslim allies, like Turkey, Pakistan and Saudi
Arabia, to arm the Bosnians.

But Doug, your question must be partly rhetorical. You must have
better sources of information than myself?

What do you think the evidence is? I would be surprised if countries
like Germany and the USA which we might suspect of arming the Croats
could do so by direct smuggling. So the process has to percolate
through surrogates.

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