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Mon Aug 7 16:05:29 MDT 1995

I have added some texts by Louis Proyect (aka "Uncle" Lou van Silvanius
Proyect IV).  A list of our full collection is appended to this post.

Further, the "Project on Value" has got off the road: it has its own
directory, called "value" and at present holds Alan Freeman's lengthy
bibliography and Steve Keen's notes on Bohm-Bawerk.  Watch that space,
however--and anyone interested in this project should get in touch with me.

Take care


Jon Beasley-Murray
Literature Program
Duke University
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Our FTP directory at the IATH now contains the following items:

Beasley-Murray, Jon.  "Value and Capital in Bourdieu and Marx."
Bellofiore, Riccardo.  "The Case for Methodological Pluralism: A Comment."
-----.  "Marx's Theory of Money and Credit Revisited: A Comment."
----- and Roberto Finelli.  "Capital, Labour and Time: The Marxian
	Labour Theory of Value as a Theory of Exploitation."
----- and Riccardo Realfonzo.  "Finance and the Labour Theory of Value:
	Towards a Macroeconomic Theory of Exploitation."
Cockshott, W. P.  "Six Theses on the Problem of the Communist Movement."
----- and A. Cottrell.  "Markets, Value and Socialism."
Ehrbar, Hans.  "Annotations on _Capital_ vol.1." (there primarily for his
	class at the U. of Utah)
Keen, Steve.  "Use, Value and Exchange: The Misinterpretation of Marx."
Kliman, Andrew.  "Marx's Development of the Concept of Intrinsic Value,
Lawler, James.  "Lenin and the Socialist Transition in Russia."
Proyect, Louis.  "Computers and Market Socialism."
-----.  "Hackers and the Profit Motive."
-----.  "Gar Alpervowitz on Technological Inheritance."
-----.  "Kirkpatrick Sale's Neo-Luddism."
-----.  "The Unabomber and Green Anarchism."
-----.  "The Red/Green Dialectic."

Further suggestions or offers of what to put here would be welcome.
Someday soon we hope to html-ize them for more adequate WWW reading.

They are available via ftp, gopher and/or the WWW.

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