"The end of Trotskyism ?"

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Mon Aug 7 18:05:52 MDT 1995

I am not quite sure what Cyril Smith's point on the "end of Trotskyism" is.
 I gather he favors a return to a more generic Karl Marx-based theoretical
tradition for future socialist political action.  If so good, so long as we
realize the degree of changes in the world since Marx's day.

Perhaps the question is wrong in the first place.  Perhaps we should not be
debating whether or not Trotskyism is *at* an end but whether or not
Trotskyism *Is* the end.  That is, we should abandon (most of us have
practically anyway) the effort to salvage Trotskyism, to  re-group
Trotskyism, to defend a specific orthodox interpretation of Trotskyism, to
build specifically Trotskyist parties.

The idea would be to reassert socialism as the end.  Then we can more
objectively draw from certain positive strands of Trotskyist theory which can
help us reach this goal,  reach back, as Cyril seems to suggest, to a largely
unknown Marx, learn from Luxemburg, the Frankfurt School, Gramci, Lukacs, or
what have you.  I believe this is what Alan Wald is suggesting.

Of course the differences among us will come through in the "details", that
is what we wish to reject and what we continue to feel is viable in this
trend, as well as the "Marxist-Leninist" October-based tradition of which it
is a part.

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