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I agree with Jon and would like to refute the binary opposition proposed
between applied Marxism and theoretical discussions of Marxism -
whatever happened to the dialectical understanding of the relationship
between theory and praxis - is this not one of the central components
of Marxism itself???

I agree with you, it is just that most of the theoretical stuff seems
quite disarticulated from practice, actual engagement with the world
in a practical, revolutionary way. I am not setting up any binary
opposition, I just feel that most of the 'theory' on the list is
negated by its lack of engagement with activity. Just because it is
side by side with other postings with a more activist bent, this does
not set up a dialectical and rich relationship. I don't want to seem
anti-theoretical, quite the contrary. My posting, which I have
accidentally sent incomplete, on Yugoslavia, argues that most of the
theoretical debate on the balkans is liberal and not theoretically
grounded. I just don't want to spend ten minutes every day junking
people's latest point scoring or draft chapter of an irrelevant

I think that the revolutionary left is basically theoretically
bankrupt at present. Putting someone's latest 'clever' angle on
value, without explaining its relevance to real struggles in the here
and now - well, I just think it needs its own list. If I were doing a
thesis on marxist economics, I'd love it .... it's just that most
people in the world aren't doing one.

Yours in struggle

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