Casey contra MarxCasey:

robert scheetz 76550.1064 at
Mon Aug 7 20:45:35 MDT 1995

"I would take this argument one step further, and contend that there is no
such thing as a pure 'class' (or any other) identity on a mass basis. As soon
as one moves from the social fringes of marginal political organizations,
'class' identities are inextricably mixed with and articulated through other
forms of identities. "

Thence, of course, no capitalist class either; just individuals, some of whose
behaviour may at times be less than edifying....  But why even "individuals"?
Why not disassemble that into social-biologico-historico,etc. determinations?
But then of course there exists no such structure as "society" as could
impose any kind of form, nor history, nor biolgy, etc., ...only random mesons
and bosons....
This exposition is classic bourgeois ideology...affecting post-modern.

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