bOING bOING BLAST #4 and Intelligent Info-Filters

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>              bOING bOING BLAST #4
>         Brain Candy for Happy Mutants
>It's estimated that less than 1/2 of 1% of the stuff on the Internet is
>pornographic. The newsstand across the street from my apartment has a
>pretty typical mix of magazines. I'd say at least 10% are porn mags.
>So why are the Senate and Congress freaking out about porn on the Net?
>Because it's something they don't understand and it threatens their idea of
>a golden yesteryear (that never existed in the first place). Senator J.
>James Exon wants to make all of cyberspace as exciting as an episode of
>Barney. His bill to regulate "lewd, lascivious, filthy, or indecent" words
>and pictures on the Net recently passed 84-16 in the Senate.
>Many senators and congresscritters don't know much about the Internet
>because they've never been online. They don't realize that their attempts
>to control the Internet's flow of information won't work, simply because
>95% of the planet's population is not subject to US law.
>Even though the government's plans are automatically doomed to fail, it's
>still fun to come up with ways to thwart their desperate and ill-conceived
>attempts to control our thoughts. One of the funniest and conceivably
>useful anti-censorship tools is Robert Carr's HexOn Exon software, which
>allows people to e-mail filthy messages to one another, while preventing
>children and government police agencies from intercepting the messages and
>becoming distressed by their contents.
>HexOn Exon incorporates a search-and-replace routine, using the names of
>senators and congresscritters as code words for naughty terms.
>For example, you could write a lewd, lascivious, filthy, and indecent
>message and run it through the Encode feature of HexOn Exon. The result
>looks something like a tag team wrestling match on Capitol Hill:
>"EXON me!", she cried, as I HYDEed her hot wet MACK. She writhed under my
>teasing DORNAN as her BAUCUS washed over her, her juices pouring out. I
>moved up to GORE and nibble her PELL, only to have her clutch my D'AMATO,
>and drive my aching HELMS into her waiting MACK.
>You can now safely e-mail the message to your friends. When they get the
>message, they simply run it back through their copy of HexOn Exon to get
>the original text.
>For your FREE copy of HexOn Exon (Macintosh only at this time) e-mail
>Robert Carr at smurfboy at He'll tell you where you can download it.
>(Note: HexOn Exon is "Terrorware." Please distribute in a wanton and
>irresponsible manner.)
>See you next week!
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>  I was experimenting with Unix's 'sed' stream editor to put substitutions like
>| sed s/<bummer>/<shit!>/
>into my mail pipe, when I saw the above message.
>This thing looks perfect for a reference in my essay on Intelligent Information
>Filters and Enhanced Reality
>  It also raises interesting ethical and legal questions.
>With a good filter, you - or any "minor" - can see ANY message as indecent.
>Who is then responsible for the minor's seeing those horrible words on the
>screen?  The author of the original message?  Or the programmer of
>the filter?  What if I write a configurable filter aimed at conversion between
>American and British spelling, and some youngster instructs it to substitute
>each occurence of a "BATF agent" into a "f*cking jack-booted thug"?
>Maybe, the congress should prohibit customizeable text filters...
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