Proposal for an outline of p.e.

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Tue Aug 8 00:21:19 MDT 1995

> I would like to be one of Jerry's kids in this project to outline Capital
> and isolate and discuss outstanding problems.  As there are many fine
> theoreticians who have already signed on (Paul Cockshott, Paul Zarembka,
> John Ernst and Michael Perelman), I am hoping that I can learn much and
> help review important literature for the project.
> So sign me on, Jerry
> Rakesh Bhandari

You are not one of my "kids", but I strongly welcome your willingness to
be part of this project as I believe that you have a lot that you can

I would also like to thank, especially, the public support of Paul
Cockshott and Paul Zarembka.

Unfortunately, the timing for this proposal was not optimal (it is summer
and many people who would want to participate are on vacation).  Also,
the screw up with yesterday's "marxism-digest" didn't help either.

There are a lot of procedural issues that have to be sorted out
initially. Yet, I remain hopeful that this project will become real and
will move forward. It is too important a task to be left undone.


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