Right of Knin to self determination

Paul Cockshott wpc at clyder.gn.apc.org
Tue Aug 8 08:45:40 MDT 1995


  Yes, it is true that Croatia was backed with massive covert military
  supplies and training. That does not mean that, had other powers acted
  decisively, that the attack could not have been stopped.

  Sadly, all too much of the reportage in Paul C.'s post concerning
  developments within Croatia is accurate. Now we see what the failure of
  the major imperialist powers (and other UN forces) to intervene to
  prevent the continued slaughter of the Bosnians by the military forces
  Serbia and their supporters in Bosnia has resulted in. This was clearly
  "no win" situation, but hasn't the failure to intervene made things

  The only power potentially able to stand up to Croatia would
  have been Russia. Tujman has said that he was willing to provoke
  a war between Germany and Russia if necessary.

  I agree about the weakness of the UN in protecting civilians in
  Bosnia against forced expulsions, shelling of cities etc. But the
  UN has no army of its own and its decisions are subject to the
  veto of any of the permanent members.

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