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Tue Aug 8 08:19:49 MDT 1995

	Briefly:  Chris claims I'm against any reformist demands
regarding U.S. imperialism.  If I understand his use of the word
reformist the true answer is: I am and I am not against them.  I have no
trouble demanding U.S. out of El Salvador (I was in CISPES) or U.S. out
of Haiti (along with the MPP), etc... .  I was also involved in
divestment struggles in the Boston area.  But I am not for these ideas
ALONE.  I believe a transitional method is the best approach.  And as
Carrol so eloquently put it (I'm paraphrasing):  when did any of the
anti-intervention struggles from East Timor to South Africa include a
demand for U.S./Imperialist troops to be sent in?!? (Don't start-up with
the recent Haiti intervention because a lot of Haitian groups were and
are against that intervention).

				-- Jeff Booth

On Mon, 7 Aug 1995, Chris Burford wrote:

> Interventions:
> I feel Carrol and some others pose the question as if to assume
> that the only possible supranational interventions were of US armed
> forces.
> I can see it is tough for people writing from the USA to
> address this question, because you are rightly deeply suspicious
> of any attempts at Pax Americana.
> Jeff appears in principle to be against any reformist demands
> in foreign policy on imperialist powers. This forfeits the
> possibility of campaigns for  changes in those policies.
> Possibly I find these approaches puzzling because I am so
> used in the anti-apartheid movement to be trying to pressurise
> the British and other governments to shift their policy on apartheid
> South Africa. It is a fact that the US generally took a slightly
> better line than the UK. Is it reformist to press for shifts and
> reforms in the foreign policy of great imperialist powers. If so
> why?
> Remember how the peace movements in the 1980 created a public
> agenda which Reagan and Gorbachev had ultimately to addresss?
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