Scheetz on Identity Politics

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Tue Aug 8 08:31:47 MDT 1995

In an original posting, I wrote:

>"I would take this argument one step further, and contend that there is no
>such thing as a pure 'class' (or any other) identity on a mass basis. As
>as one moves from the social fringes of marginal political organizations,
>'class' identities are inextricably mixed with and articulated through other
>forms of identities. "

Robert Sheetz responds:
>Thence, of course, no capitalist class either; just individuals, some of
>whose behaviour may at times be less than edifying....  But why even
>Why not disassemble that into social-biologico-historico,etc.
>But then of course there exists no such structure as "society" as could
>impose any kind of form, nor history, nor biolgy, etc., ...only random
>and bosons....
>This exposition is classic bourgeois ideology...affecting post-modern.

This is such a garbled and distorted take on that passage that I do not have
a clue as to what is going on. The argument that there are no pure class
identities, but rather class identities in artciulation with other
identities, is clearly _not_ an argument that there are no classes. Please
read what is on the screen.

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