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Jim Jaszewski jjazz at freenet.hamilton.on.ca
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On Tue, 8 Aug 1995, jwalker wrote:

> "I would take this argument one step further, and contend that there is no
> such thing as a pure 'class' (or any other) identity on a mass basis."
> "The notion of a pure 'class' politics and a politics focused in some
> exclusive way on class exploitation and economics is a fiction, and not a
> very useful fiction at that."
> John:
>      I presume you'll be taken to task for this.  But I think there's
> something right in what you say here, something which you've documented
> in the portions of your post that I've snipped. It's that the real, lived
> experience of many people circumvents economic class, at least as I
> understand that notion within the Marxist tradition. There
> are many different parameters along which people's life-prospects are
> determined, not all of them having to do with one's position relative to
> the means of production.

	And Nazis too have always claimed that marxists misunderstand
that RACE is the prime divisor...

	Casey, like many liberals, just doesn't want to get the point:
it's not so much what people _recognize_ themselves as -- it's what they
objectively ARE.  So what that he's `right' about the more vulgar marxist
errors?? You've made the much more sophisticated point that class reality
is being suppressed -- that people have a false consciousness of what
their interests are, but you KNOW what _he's_ saying.  You're being MUCH
too easy on him...

	I really wish he'd stick to his other lists...


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