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1) Are wars inevitable?

According to Glenys Kinnock there have been 150 wars since 1945 in which
some 30 million people have died.

Have there ever been long periods when there have not been wars? No.

Most, all, socialist revolutions were born out of wars. All revolutions
involved widespread killings of one sort or the other. Having won their
revolutions clearly politically motivated killings decreased but never
dissappeared completely. Even today this happens worldwide.

The level of culture, education, industrialisation, prosperity all no doubt
have an effect but it seems not a controllong effect. It affects, different
religions, colours, etthnic groups, languages, modes of production.

Death is part of the process.

2) If they are inevitable can they be diminished in number and intensity?

a) Information and poblicity helps. Human compassion is not dead if dormant.

b) Increased democratic control over central governments can moderate
military adventures and curb ambitious generals.

c) The economic wellbeing of the people moderates conflicts.

d) The arms trade should be banned. To profit from murder should be a
criminal offence.

e) GATT, the World Bank, all in essence instigate conflict by reinforcing of
unequal trade and development.

no doubt there are other factors.

3) Is there a simple solution to particular conflicts.

a) It seems to me that until the United Nations itself is democraticised it
serves the people who run it. The USA, and via the USA, France, Germany, and
others the Multinationals. I have no memory of the UN solving any conflicts
in recent years. Yes when there was a bit of democratic balance with the
USSR and China then there were some ocassions where the UN helped. The
present world police force is biased and serves it's masters.

b) I can thing of no simple solution. I have not read of any either. Perhaps
I am a pesimist.

4) So what must socialists do?

a) We must earnestly work for unity against those who profit from wars and
divisions. This means we must first submerge our own petty differences by
putting the greater good of humankind before all else. We must recognise
that our solutions are imperfect and  perspectives incomplete.

Let us try to see that those 30 million did not die for the glorification of
the few.

Ron Press.

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