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rakesh--thanks for the response to my paper.  I am about to rush off to
campus, but regarding your first question:

  It is into this vacuum between crude materialism and idealism
>that Bourdieu interposes his reconceptualization of practice, which rather
>than attempting a simple phenomenological reconstruction of lived
>experience, supplies a "good account of the limits of awareness involved in
>lived experience."

I am having some trouble understanding the quoted phrase above.

-this is do need to explain.  it has do to with the element of the
unconcious in within social strategies.  Much of the habitus operates upon
an unconcious plane, this is not a Freudian unconscious but rather an
absence of conscious, rational choice in contra distinction to strategies
in rational choice models.  This implies that Bourdieu's project is not the
hope of a seamless reconstruction of everyday life with its attendant
strategic models, but rather to examine how varied responses are generated
within different class habitus with differing material resources (plural).
This is perhaps the most complicated and productive arena of Bourdieu's
work - his complication of a model of class socialization, in which it is
not through simply the absence of material resources that people make
choices, much of this is done in a pre-conscious manner in which the
"durable dispositions" availed to the subject within their habitus
determine behaviour, hence the habitus as the "universal cite of

anyone else on the line want to talk about bourdieu?

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