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>>I agree that Hook's quote from Engels does not imply that Engels
>>found the _same laws_ to apply in the domains of human/social
>>and non-human/nature, etc.  Just that dialectics, is applicable
>>to finding the laws in any domain.
I referred a few weeks ago to David Bohm and his book on Wholeness and the
Implicate order.

In this he puts forward the idea that the way we approach science is
proscribed by the way the world has been measured and dimensioned. This has
made it difficult to describe nature in terms other than within this frame
work. It fragments our approach and prevents us from looking at the
wholeness of nature.

He goes on to discuss another approach which orders nature in a more
flexable and complete way. There is an implicate order of which the
dimentional ordering which is widely used is but one method.

It seems to me that these ideas link up with the Ideas of Bashkar
(Spelling?) of hidden or unknowale orders.

But more importantly it implies that Marxism is similarly a reflection or
snapshot of the inner order of nature. If this is so then Quantum Mechanics,
Biology, etc are also such reflections of the same inner order. We should
thus expect to find similarities and analogies between the various
interpretations given by these human understandings.

I am really taking this opening to recomend the book to you.

Ron Press.

PS I met with  Erwin Marquit when he was in London. He dismissed Bohm as
some sort of idealist. Funnily enough this encouraged me.

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