Arming Croatia

Chris Burford cburford at
Tue Aug 8 21:55:54 MDT 1995

Arming the Croats.

The BBC reports that they got arms from Austria, Switzerland and
South Africa, but in the main from the former eastern european
countries. Slovakia and eastern Germany were mentioned.

It is suggested that they were successful in building up their
arms even more than western intelligence knew [????????]
by a number of methods, including buying small quantities, and by
buying less bulky but high tech items that enhanced the effectiveness
of their other armaments.

I don't think we necessarily require a conspiracy theory about the
US and Germany to see that this could have come about in a thousand ways,
many of them made just that bit easier at various points, by knowledge
of the backing and favour of the imperialist powers.

Or do some people suspect an Irangate?

Chris B.

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