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Tue Aug 8 18:00:38 MDT 1995

	Finally got into Hrvatski cyberspace... ducking shells... dodging

	Visited the Presidential Palace, but he wasn't home... didn't
leave a message, but went by Zagreb TV/Radio...

	Lotsa, uh, `NEWS' here, boyz & G-URLS..!  here's one I skoffed
just for you...


ZAGREB, August 8 (Hina) - "I can assure you that many Congressmen
were happy watching this, so that no one would ever again watch
those horrible pictures of young girls, hanging themselves on the
trees," said Ms. Zdenka Puljiz Gast, an outstanding Croat-
descendant lobbyist in the U.S., in an interview for Croatian
Television Monday night.
	The same TV newscast in Zagreb also hosted U.S. Congressman
Dana Rorabacher of California who said Croats had launched the
offensive, but only because the Serbs had pressed them against the
	"Honest people of former Yugoslavia have no choice but to
fight back to the ongoing bloodshed, hitting everyone who had tried
to live together with Serbs," he said.
	"I strongly believe that everything was orchestrated by
Milosevic in Belgrade. The fact that we have allowed to this brutal
gang from Belgrade to sit there and to arrange all this is
shameful, particularly for western powers, which had imposed an
arms embargo on Croats and Bosniacs," Rorabacher said, adding he
still urged the lifting of the embargo.
	"I hope that this action will forward a message to Belgrade,
saying they will no more be allowed to use their tanks and heavy
weapons for killing innocent civilians, in order to dominate that
part of the world," he said.
	"I wish success to all peoples of the Balkans. I wish them
peace and freedom, and I hope this will be over soon. Croatia and
all other countries in the area should have an opportunity to live
in peace and spend their money not on weapons but on things that
will make their living better," Rorabacher said, adding that "all
your friends in Washington understand that all the peaceful nations
of the Balkans have no other choice but to fight back these
Belgrade gangsters, evidently ready for anything."


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