identity politics

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Tue Aug 8 20:59:26 MDT 1995

Casey: "This is such a garbled and distorted take on that passage that I do not
a clue as to what is going on. The argument that there are no pure class
identities, but rather class identities in artciulation with other
identities, is clearly _not_ an argument that there are no classes. Please
read what is on the screen."

[meekly]...thought I perceived a substantivation of  bourgeois individualist
("other identities"),... positing ontic equivalence between "other identities"
category and
"class" _would_ logically entail a deconstruction of  "class".

If what is meant by "class identities in articulation with other identities" is
such as "women are female proletariate/bourgeois/IRA", or
"gays are homosexual ...",  "Jews are jewish...", etc., it must be conceded, the
mode of
expression ("what was on the screen") is surely strained?

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