"The end of Trotskyism ?"

Scott Solomon ss341 at columbia.edu
Tue Aug 8 21:31:03 MDT 1995

Jeff Booth:
It would help if you all tried to DEFINE Trotskyism.  Casey thinks >
it's the Spartacist League and Wohlforth is still a sort of Healeyite

Rob Frantz:
> As you said you like a barroom brawl to stir things up, but why the slash
> and burn technique? Tim Wohlforth today is so far from Healyism it's hardly
> worth discussing. Go find some real Healyites and ask them, they'll tell
> you. Tim wrote a whole book about his experiences in the Trotskyist movement,
> focusing on his relationship and break with Healy (The Prophet's Children,
> Humanities Press, 1994). Read it! Surrealism doesn't make for
> constructive political discussion.

Scott Solomon:
I can verify Rob's analysis.  Even the Healyites aren't Healyites anymore
(at least so they claim).  Dave North still thinks the entire SWP
leadership is FBI.  He showed up at the Socialist Scholar's Conference
the year before last and practically assaulted Wohlforth.

The Sparts are a 3/4 Stalinized cult that has never organized a group of
workers in their entire history.

Actually, I'm only responding because I recently figured out signature
files and wanted to show mine off.

(___ at ______}}}   S C O T T    S O L O M O N

//// . . . He can shout for two hours on end at those trade union black-
mail sessions.  No one can make Leonce shut up . . . if anybody tries to
change a single word in one of his motions, he blows his top.  He can
shout louder than a colonel.  He's built like a brick shithouse.  He
can't be beat for hot air . . .  Cast iron.  That's him.  He's secretary
of the Bricklayers and Roofers' Union of Vanves La Revolte.  Elected no
less.  His buddies are proud of Leonce, the lazy pugnacious bastard.  For
pimping on the labor movement he hasn't his equal.

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